Think Tank Reports Increased Dependence on Nuclear Weapons Among Armed States Amid Global Tensions



Amid the war in Ukraine, nuclear-armed states have significantly increased their dependency on nuclear weapons, marking a surge in spending on these arms, according to reports from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). This escalation has not been seen since the Cold War era, with Russia and Belarus conducting nuclear drills to deter Western support for Ukraine. The conversation also highlights the decreased transparency in nuclear development and the consequent challenges in arms control, alongside discussions on the potential for a renewed arms race among global powers.

  • Russia has ramped up nuclear threats and spending on nuclear weapons amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.
  • The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute warns that nuclear weapons are playing a significant role in global relations, reminiscent of the Cold War era.
  • Russia and Belarus have conducted nuclear drills aimed at deterring Western support for Ukraine.
  • A $10 billion increase in global spending on nuclear weapons was reported last year by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.
  • There has been less transparency over nuclear development, complicating the monitoring and control of weapons of mass destruction.
  • Arms control between the USA and Russia on nuclear weapons has nearly collapsed, with Russia suspending its participation in the Strategic Arms Control agreement (New START treaty).
  • All nuclear weapon states are expanding their arsenals or their arsenals’ capabilities, contributing to a potential arms race at a time when international institutions and agreements are weakening.
  • The US is responsible for 80% of the increase in spending on nuclear weapons, raising concerns about triggering further arms competition.
  • China is rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal in response to perceived security threats and the need for a larger strategic deterrence.
  • There has never been a US-Chinese arms control negotiation, despite China having nuclear weapons since 1964.

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