DW News Examines the Sustainability of Russia’s Tank Arsenal Amid Ongoing Ukraine Conflict


Recent analysis and open-source investigations have raised concerns about Russia’s tank reserves amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Losses are estimated at over 2,600 tanks since the war began, significantly depleting the pre-war stock. Despite this, Russia continues to refurbish old tanks and increase production of new ones. However, experts suggest that Russia is not producing tanks as quickly as they are being lost, leading to a potential critical shortage that could limit offensive capabilities and force a defensive stance in the conflict.
  • More than 2,600 Russian tanks have reportedly been lost since the beginning of the Ukraine conflict, based on open-source investigations.
  • Russia’s pre-war tank stock was about 3,000, with additional thousands in storage, some dating back 50 to 60 years.
  • Despite losses, Russia has refurbished and produced a significant number of tanks, claiming to add 1,500 new and repaired tanks to their forces.
  • Analysts question the actual number of tanks Russia is able to produce, suggesting it is fewer than official claims.
  • Russia’s tank production and refurbishment efforts are part of a shift towards a war economy, amidst international sanctions.
  • The depletion of tank reserves could lead to a critical point where Russia may not be able to sustain offensive operations, potentially resulting in a stalemate.
  • Adaptations and innovations on the battlefield, including defenses against drone strikes, are ongoing.
  • Experts believe, despite the losses, Russia could maintain enough tank strength for the next two years to continue the war of attrition.
  • Alternative strategies to tanks, such as infantry advancements, could be considered, though they may not offer the same level of firepower or speed in offense.
  • Discussion on potential support from North Korea, focusing on artillery ammunition rather than tanks, was highlighted during a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un.

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