Israeli Airstrike on Rafah Displacement Centre Kills and Injures Dozens, Hamas Calls It a ‘Massacre’

An Israeli airstrike targeted a displacement center in the Tal Sultan neighborhood of Rafah, resulting in numerous casualties. The center was housing thousands of people in tents who had fled from the eastern areas of Rafah amid ongoing ground offensives. The attack has been vehemently condemned by Hamas as a massacre, highlighting the severe humanitarian impact on civilians seeking refuge. This incident occurs amidst escalated tensions, with Hamas firing long-range rockets at Tel Aviv and the Israeli defense minister reinforcing the objective to dismantle Hamas, despite international calls to halt the offensive.

  • The Israeli airstrike hit the Tal Sultan neighborhood in Rafah, where a displacement center was located.
  • Dozens of casualties were reported as a result of the strike, with many injured rushed to local hospitals.
  • Hamas has described the attack as a massacre, emphasizing the severe impact on civilians sheltering in the area.
  • Victims and witnesses reported that a missile struck the neighborhood unexpectedly, causing widespread burns and destruction.
  • Israeli forces had begun a ground offensive in the eastern areas of Rafah earlier in the month, leading to mass displacement.
  • The Israeli defense minister reiterated the goal to destroy Hamas and return hostages, ignoring an International Court of Justice order to end the offensive.
  • Hamas launched at least eight long-range rockets from Rafah towards Tel Aviv, which were intercepted by Israel without reported casualties, though some property damage occurred.

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