Fact-Checked: Viral Image of Israeli Soldier Burning Books at Gaza University Library Confirmed

A recent video report by France 24 English has addressed the circulating claims of Israeli soldiers burning books at a library shared by the Islamic University of Gaza and Al-Aqsa University. The video fact-checks an image that went viral on social media, showing a soldier in front of burning bookshelves. Through a detailed investigation, including geolocation techniques and verification of the soldier’s social media account, the report confirms the authenticity of the image and its location at the central library used by both universities. Additionally, the report touches on the broader context of similar incidents and Israel’s response to allegations of soldiers burning books in Gaza.
  • The image under scrutiny shows an Israeli soldier with burning books at a library shared by the Islamic University of Gaza and Al-Aqsa University.
  • A Palestinian journalist and fact-checker, Unice Tera, originally posted the image, identifying the soldier and linking it to a specific battalion.
  • Geolocation experts confirmed the image’s location by comparing it to existing videos and photos of the library’s interior from the Islamic University of Gaza’s Instagram account.
  • Despite claims of heavy bombardment in Gaza, satellite images and verified photos show the central library’s structure remains intact.
  • Israel has launched an investigation into separate incidents of soldiers burning books, including a video of a soldier throwing a Quran into a fire, which the IDF condemned, stating such actions do not align with its values.
  • The investigation into the viral image concludes it was not digitally tampered with or AI-generated, marking the book burning claims as true.

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