Namibia’s High Court Overturns Colonial-Era Ban on Same-Sex Acts Between Men

In a significant legal development, Namibia’s High Court has ruled that the colonial-era law criminalizing same-sex acts between men is unconstitutional, marking a historic victory for LGBTQ activists in the country. This ruling overturns a law dating back to 1927, which persisted even after Namibia gained independence from South Africa in 1990. Activists, while celebrating this progress towards equality, emphasize that more work remains, particularly regarding the rights of same-sex couples to marry. The government’s response to the ruling or plans for an appeal remain unclear. Additionally, the news also covers broader societal issues, including protests in Kenya against new tax hikes, the legacy of Ghanaian photographer James Barnor, and various international and environmental updates.
  • The High Court in Namibia ruled the colonial-era law banning same-sex acts between men unconstitutional.
  • The ruling is seen as a historic victory for LGBTQ rights in Namibia, celebrated by activists and the LGBTQ community.
  • Despite this progress, activists highlight the ongoing challenges, including the inability for same-sex couples to marry in Namibia.
  • The government’s stance on the ruling or potential for an appeal has not been disclosed.
  • Kenyan protesters have announced a national strike to oppose new tax hikes, following mass demonstrations that resulted in casualties and injuries.
  • Ghana pays tribute to 95-year-old photographer James Barnor, whose work captured the nation’s journey to independence.
  • International and environmental issues, including the loss of forest cover and the plight of chimpanzees in Sierra Leone, are also highlighted.
  • Developments in housing in Kenya, with a focus on 3D printing technology as a potential solution to the housing deficit, are discussed.

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