Teenagers Convicted of Murdering Brianna Ghey Identified by Courts

The identities of two teenagers convicted of murdering Brianna Ghey have been publicly revealed following a judge’s decision. The individuals, previously referred to as Girl X and Boy Y for legal reasons, are now identified as Eddie Ratcliffe and Scarlett Jenkinson, both 16 years old. They were found guilty in December of the murder, which occurred in Linea Park in Culcheth last February. Brianna Ghey was stabbed 28 times in a premeditated assault. Sentencing is anticipated today, where the minimum term of the life sentences will be determined.

  • The judge has lifted the anonymity order for the two teenagers convicted of murdering Brianna Ghey, revealing their names as Eddie Ratcliffe and Scarlett Jenkinson.
  • The two were found guilty in December and are now facing sentencing, with life imprisonment confirmed and the minimum term to be announced.
  • Brianna Ghey was attacked and stabbed 28 times in Linea Park, Culcheth, in what was described as a ferocious and frenzied attack.
  • Victim personal statements from Brianna Ghey’s family members are expected to be heard in court, detailing the impact of her death.
  • The crime was premeditated, with evidence presented in court of a “kill list” created by the teenagers that included Brianna’s name.
  • Scarlett Jenkinson showed a fascination with murder and death, searching the dark web for related material and expressing interest in serial killers.
  • Eddie Ratcliffe has been described as having traits of autism and communicated in court through a keyboard due to his refusal to speak to anyone other than his mother.
  • Both Ratcliffe and Jenkinson showed no emotion when found guilty and have family members present in the court for sentencing.
  • Brianna Ghey’s mother expressed initial sympathy for the families of the killers but lost that sentiment as the trial progressed and the defendants showed no remorse.
  • Brianna Ghey, who identified as transgender, was remembered by her family as fearless, funny, and having a significant social media following, despite also suffering from anxiety.

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