UK to Reassess Afghan Special Forces Relocation Applications After Inconsistencies Detected

The video reports on the UK government’s decision to re-examine the cases of Afghan special forces, notably the female soldiers of CF 333 and ATF 444, who had their relocation applications previously refused despite their service alongside British forces. The Afghan Relocation Assistance Policy (ARAP) failed to provide consistent outcomes, leading to a review that acknowledged inconsistencies in the application of eligibility criteria. This development comes after a strong advocacy effort by military personnel, diplomats, lawyers, and journalists, and amidst concerns for the safety of these Afghans under Taliban rule.

  • Sara, an Afghan special forces soldier who worked with the British, had her UK relocation application refused twice despite her service.
  • ARAP was established to assist Afghans who served with British forces, but its implementation has been inconsistent.
  • Juma Khan, also a former special forces member who successfully relocated, expresses concern for those left behind, some of whom have been killed or imprisoned by the Taliban.
  • The Armed Forces Minister acknowledged the inconsistencies and announced that re-assessment will be conducted by a team independent of the initial decision-makers.
  • The opposition urges a swift process to prevent further harm to the Afghan special forces personnel still at risk.
  • The review and policy change are seen as victories for campaigners but recognized as only the beginning of a longer process to ensure safety and fulfillment of promises to Afghan allies.

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