Nikki Haley Continues Presidential Campaign Despite Lagging in South Carolina Primary Polls

Nikki Haley, former Governor of South Carolina and Republican presidential candidate, has insisted that she will continue her campaign despite lagging significantly behind Donald Trump in the South Carolina primary polls. Despite speculation about a possible concession, Haley’s team outlined post-South Carolina plans, including spending over $500,000 on a new TV ad in Michigan and a travel schedule that includes nine states and numerous high-dollar fundraisers. Analysts believe that while her chances of winning the nomination are slim, her continued fundraising success allows her to maintain a presence in the race and potentially position herself as an alternative to Trump.

  • Nikki Haley trails Donald Trump by nearly 30 points in the latest South Carolina primary poll.
  • Despite the odds, Haley refuses to quit and has plans for campaigning beyond the South Carolina primary.
  • Her campaign is launching a new TV ad in Michigan and has a travel schedule for nine different states.
  • Haley’s fundraising efforts are at the highest rate of her political career, indicating continued financial support.
  • Analysts speculate that Haley’s campaign may be banking on potential developments that could affect Trump’s candidacy, such as the federal election interference case.
  • Some members of the Republican Party see Haley’s campaign as a push back against the current direction of the party under Trump.
  • Haley’s continued presence in the race could provide a “permission structure” for Republicans uncomfortable with Trump to consider other options.
  • There is skepticism about Haley’s path to the nomination, given her lack of broad support within the Republican Party and primary voters.
  • Her campaign may also be seen as a way to establish herself as a primary alternative to Trump in the long term.

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