WhatsApp Group Aids in Rescue of Malawian Women Trafficked to Oman

In a recent case of human trafficking, a WhatsApp group became a lifeline for a Malawian woman named Joina, and several others who found themselves trapped in Oman. The group was initiated by an individual born in Malawi, now living in America, who, after learning about Joina’s plight, decided to take action. Teaming up with activists, government officials, and a network supporting migrant workers, they worked to negotiate the release of these women and their safe return to Malawi. The Malawi government has reportedly spent over $160,000 to repatriate 54 women, with many having to effectively ‘buy’ their freedom back from their employers.

  • A Malawian woman named Joina was trafficked to Oman and subsequently trapped.
  • Joina reached out for help online, leading to the formation of a WhatsApp group aimed at rescuing trafficked women.
  • The group’s founder, a Malawi-born American resident, connected with activists and the Malawi government to help these women.
  • Through negotiations with employers in Oman, many women were released and repatriated to Malawi.
  • The Malawi government has invested substantial funds to facilitate the return of trafficked women.
  • The freedom of these women often came with a price, requiring the payment of $1,000 to $2,000 per person to their employers, plus the cost of flight tickets.
  • The initiative helped almost all women in the WhatsApp group to return home.

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