France Begins Campaigning for General Elections After Macron Calls Snap Vote Amid Far-Right Gains

Campaigning has officially commenced in France for the general elections, following President Emmanuel Macron’s announcement of a snap vote in response to the far-right National Rally’s significant victory in the European elections. The electoral battle appears to be primarily among three key factions: the National Rally led by Marine Le Pen on the right, a new left-wing coalition, and President Macron with his centrist allies in the center. The elections are set to take place over two rounds, with the first round scheduled for June 30 and the second on July 7.
  • President Emmanuel Macron called for a snap general election following the far-right National Rally’s victory in the European elections.
  • The electoral competition is mainly between three groups: the National Rally on the right, a newly formed left-wing coalition, and centrist forces led by President Macron.
  • Elections will be conducted in two rounds, with the first round occurring on June 30 and the second on July 7.
  • Campaigning has already begun, even though official rules regarding media access and other campaign regulations only start now.
  • The deadline for candidate registration was last night, marking a significant step in clarifying the complex electoral landscape.
  • There’s an intricate picture of alliances and candidate placements, with some parties choosing not to stand a candidate against another to form strategic alliances.
  • Football star Kylian Mbappé has urged young people to vote, specifically against the extremes, in a move seen as opposing the far-right National Rally.

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