Gaza Faces Public Health Crisis Amidst War: Over 330,000 Tons of Rubbish Accumulate

In Gaza, over 330,000 tons of rubbish have accumulated across the territory due to the ongoing conflict, posing severe health and environmental risks. With the arrival of summer, the situation is worsening, especially for the over one million displaced individuals. These people, having fled Israel’s military offensive in Rafa, find themselves living adjacent to burgeoning rubbish dumps. The local services’ inability to manage this waste exacerbates the situation, with children among the displaced risking their health to scavenge through rubbish for items to eat, use, or sell. This crisis reflects the dire conditions faced by residents in war-torn Gaza.

  • More than 330,000 tons of rubbish have accumulated in Gaza, posing significant health and environmental risks.
  • Over one million displaced people are living in close proximity to rubbish dumps, following the military offensive in Rafa.
  • Local councils struggle with rubbish collection due to a lack of equipment and fuel, a situation worsened by restrictions on reaching Gaza’s main landfill sites since the October 7 attacks.
  • Displaced families, such as Asahan Al-Musri’s, face dire living conditions amidst the rubbish, including health issues like scabies and the constant presence of flies and snakes.
  • Children are taking risks by searching through rubbish for food or items to sell, highlighting the desperation among Gaza’s residents.
  • Aid agencies warn of the health hazards posed by the accumulating waste as temperatures rise, further stressing the urgent need for a solution.

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