Study Reveals Wild Chimpanzees Use Medicinal Plants to Self-Medicate

A recent study has unveiled that wild chimpanzees consume plants with pain-relieving and antibacterial properties to self-medicate. Researchers in Uganda’s forests observed injured or sick chimpanzees selecting specific plants for consumption. By analyzing these plants, scientists discovered significant antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This research, led by Elodie Fryman from the University of Oxford, expands on our understanding of chimpanzees’ medicinal plant usage, revealing a more extensive repertoire of natural remedies utilized by these primates for various health issues.
  • Wild chimpanzees self-medicate using plants with pain-relieving and antibacterial properties.
  • The study was conducted in the forests of Uganda, focusing on observing and analyzing the behavior of injured or sick chimpanzees.
  • Elodie Fryman, the lead researcher from the University of Oxford, aimed to expand knowledge on chimpanzees’ medicinal plant usage through her PhD research.
  • Researchers followed the chimpanzees daily, noting their health and unusual feeding behaviors, especially consumption of plants not typically part of their diet.
  • Collected plant samples were analyzed by pharmacologists in Germany, revealing that 88% of the plants had strong antibacterial properties and 33% had strong anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The findings suggest that chimpanzees have developed the ability to identify and use medicinal plants to treat their ailments, including infections, high parasite loads, and injuries.

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