Israeli Military Acknowledges Protocol Breach in Strapping Wounded Palestinian to Jeep in Janine

The Israeli military has acknowledged a breach of protocol during a counterterrorism operation in Janine, West Bank, where forces strapped a wounded Palestinian man to a Jeep. This incident, deemed as a violation of orders by the IDF, is under investigation. The occurrence has sparked criticism, including accusations of using the man as a human shield. Meanwhile, the situation in the region has been tense, with ongoing anti-government protests in Tel Aviv and a series of Israeli attacks in Gaza, alongside continuous raids in the West Bank amidst escalating violence.

  • The Israeli military admitted to strapping a wounded Palestinian man to a Jeep during a counterterrorism operation in Janine, West Bank, calling it a violation of protocol.
  • The incident is under investigation by the IDF, which confirmed the violation of orders.
  • UN Special Reporter accused Israel of using the man as a human shield.
  • Anti-government protests in Tel Aviv demanded new elections and the return of hostages taken by Hamas.
  • Israeli attacks in Gaza killed at least 38 people, with Israel stating it targeted Hamas infrastructure.
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross reported treating badly wounded people, including children, after explosions in a tent camp in Gaza.
  • Continuous raids in the West Bank cities like Janine, Kilian, Nablus, and Hebron aim to apprehend militants.
  • Since October 7th, 528 people have died in the West Bank, including 133 children.
  • The situation in both the West Bank and Gaza remains tense, with calls for a full Israeli military invasion of the West Bank by right-wing ministers.

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