Challenges and Asylum Processes for Turkish Refugees in Germany Highlighted Amid Rising Arrivals



As Turkey faces scrutiny over human rights violations, particularly against Kurds and political dissidents, many have sought asylum in Germany, including Kurdish human rights activist Zan. The video details Zan’s flight from repression in Turkey to seeking asylum in Germany, outlining both the personal experiences of political refugees and the broader context of Turkey-Germany migration. It highlights the challenges refugees face in Germany, from living conditions to the legal process of seeking asylum, against the backdrop of increasing asylum applications from Turkey.

  • Kurdish human rights activists in southeastern Turkey suspect that victims of torture by military and police were buried in a former landfill, which is now being developed to prevent investigation.
  • Zan, a Kurdish activist, fled to Germany to escape persecution and possible assassination due to his investigations and political activities.
  • In Berlin, Zan experiences a sense of safety and freedom to express dissent, a stark contrast to the repression faced in Turkey.
  • Turkey’s ongoing conflict with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the demand for greater Kurdish autonomy have led to significant human rights violations and economic woes in Kurdish regions.
  • Between January and October 2023, around 50,000 people fled Turkey to Germany, a 200% increase, overwhelming German authorities.
  • Refugees in Germany face challenges such as living in collective shelters and a rigorous process to prove they are victims of political persecution.
  • German politician Ma, of Turkish descent, categorizes Turkish immigrants into three groups: the politically disillusioned, those affected by economic hardship, and those persecuted, with the latter making up approximately 14% of applicants.
  • Asylum seekers like Zan are determined to gain recognized status in Germany but face a lengthy legal process that can take years.

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