Former US Advisor Criticizes Netanyahu Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict, Urges for Peace Proposal Acceptance


In a recent development regarding the Israel-Gaza conflict, the United States President Joe Biden has proposed a permanent ceasefire, which includes the return of hostages held by Hamas. This proposal comes amidst Israel’s statement on continuing the war until all its aims are achieved, despite positive responses from Hamas and public rallies in Tel Aviv urging the government to accept the truce. Expert opinions, including those from Aaron David Miller, Sultan Barakat, and conflict negotiator Oliver McTernan, were shared, highlighting the complexities of the proposal, the challenges ahead for its implementation, and the broader implications for both Israeli and Palestinian sides.
  • US President Joe Biden has proposed a permanent ceasefire and the return of hostages held by Hamas.
  • Israel insists on continuing the war until its objectives are met, raising concerns about the feasibility of the ceasefire.
  • Hamas has shown a positive response to Biden’s proposal, but implementation challenges remain.
  • Expert Aaron David Miller views the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu and the motivations of Hamas as significant obstacles to peace.
  • Sultan Barakat highlights a potential split within the Israeli war cabinet and the importance of how Israel reacts to the proposal.
  • The proposed ceasefire includes phases such as a full and complete ceasefire, withdrawal of Israeli forces from populated areas, and a surge in humanitarian aid for Gaza.
  • Conflict negotiator Oliver McTernan emphasizes the need for a ceasefire due to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the political implications for Netanyahu.
  • There are concerns about whether both sides will adhere to the agreement stages and how Netanyahu’s political objectives might affect the negotiations.

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