South Africa’s ANC Forms Coalition Government with DA, Cyril Ramaphosa Expected to be Reelected President


In a significant political development in South Africa, the African National Congress (ANC) has formed a coalition government with its former rival, the Democratic Alliance (DA), following the recent elections that saw the ANC lose its parliamentary majority for the first time. This coalition is expected to reelect Cyril Ramaphosa as president, marking a pivotal moment in South Africa’s political landscape. The DA has expressed its commitment to constitutionalism, democracy, and a clean, transparent government focused on addressing poverty, unemployment, and energy issues. This partnership signals a new era of governance, aiming to unite different political spectrums to tackle the country’s challenges.
  • A coalition government has been formed between the ANC and the DA in South Africa.
  • Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to be reelected as president as part of the coalition agreement.
  • The recent elections saw the ANC lose its parliamentary majority for the first time.
  • The DA has pledged support for Ramaphosa, emphasizing the need for a government committed to constitutionalism, democracy, and addressing key issues like poverty and unemployment.
  • The coalition, termed a government of national unity, includes other smaller parties alongside the ANC and DA, holding a combined 61% of the votes.
  • Concessions include positions and policy adjustments, with the first visible concession being the deputy speaker position going to a DA candidate.
  • The ANC acknowledges the need for change, with a focus on avoiding power loss due to neglect of public demands.
  • Both parties have differing views on government’s role in the economy, with the ANC leaning towards a more socialist approach and the DA favoring minimal government intervention.
  • The coalition faces challenges in balancing different interests and policies but aims to focus on urgent issues like the jobs and energy crisis.

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