Apple Unveils ‘Apple Intelligence’ in Partnership with OpenAI at Worldwide Developers Conference

At the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced its entry into the artificial intelligence sphere with the launch of ‘Apple Intelligence’. This new technology, designed to generate text and images, will be integrated across Apple’s suite of applications, leveraging recent advancements in generative intelligence and large language models. Additionally, Apple disclosed a partnership with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, aiming to bring this technology to Apple devices by late 2024. The move is seen as an effort to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving AI market, where rivals like Microsoft have gained significant ground.

  • Apple unveiled ‘Apple Intelligence’, an AI technology for generating text and images, at its Worldwide Developers Conference.
  • The technology aims to enhance the user experience across Apple’s suite of apps through the use of generative intelligence and large language models.
  • A partnership with OpenAI’s ChatGPT was announced, with plans to integrate the technology into Apple devices by late 2024.
  • This announcement is part of Apple’s strategy to reassure investors of its competitive position in the AI market, amidst advancements by Microsoft, Google, Meta, Amazon, and Nvidia.
  • Apple’s initiative reflects its commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological innovation, despite previous reluctance to publicly embrace AI technologies.
  • The move is also seen as a response to Nvidia surpassing Apple as the world’s second most valuable company, and the need to keep pace with other tech giants in AI investments.

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