Exploring the Impact of Ukraine War on Surrogacy: Georgia’s Rise as a New Hub Amid Concerns

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has unexpectedly affected the realm of commercial surrogacy, redirecting many prospective parents to Georgia, where the industry is seeing a significant uptick in demand. This shift is primarily due to Ukraine’s current instability, with Georgia emerging as the new preferred destination for European couples seeking surrogacy services. As the demand in Georgia grows, agencies have begun recruiting women from Central Asia, raising concerns about potential exploitation. The BBC’s report highlights the complex journey of these women and the broader implications of this booming industry on all parties involved.

  • The war in Ukraine has redirected couples seeking surrogacy services to Georgia, where the industry is experiencing a surge in demand.
  • Georgia’s surrogacy market has seen an increase in foreign clients due to its affordability and reduced bureaucratic hurdles compared to other countries.
  • With a local shortage of surrogate mothers, agencies in Georgia are recruiting women from Central Asia, including countries like Kazakhstan, to meet the rising demand.
  • Many of the women considering surrogacy in Central Asia are single mothers looking to financially support their families, with the potential earnings being about twice the average local salary.
  • Concerns of exploitation arise as the socioeconomic conditions in these women’s home countries may pressure them into surrogacy.
  • Despite the personal and emotional challenges, some women, like Alina from Kazakhstan, view surrogacy as an opportunity to better provide for their children despite the personal and emotional challenges.
  • The rapid expansion of Georgia’s surrogacy industry has sparked debate, with calls for more protection for surrogate mothers amidst concerns over potential exploitation and ethical issues.
  • A proposed law in Georgia aimed at restricting surrogacy, partly to prevent same-sex couples from accessing these services, was put on hold after lobbying from surrogacy agencies.

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