BBC Documentary Uncovers Allegations of Greek Coast Guard Causing Migrant Deaths

A BBC documentary has revealed alarming allegations against the Greek Coast Guard, accusing them of causing the deaths of dozens of migrants in the Mediterranean by actions such as deliberately throwing people overboard. The investigation covers incidents over the past three years, including claims of migrants being forced out of Greek territorial waters or removed from Greek islands and left at sea, with more than 40 people alleged to have died as a result. These actions raise significant concerns regarding international and EU laws on the right to seek asylum.

  • The BBC documentary alleges that the Greek Coast Guard has been involved in the deaths of dozens of migrants, including instances where individuals were deliberately thrown into the sea.
  • Over a three-year period, more than 40 people are claimed to have died due to being forced out of Greek territorial waters or being taken back to sea after reaching Greek islands.
  • Human rights groups accuse Greece of illegally forcing thousands of asylum seekers back to Turkey, denying them the right to seek asylum—a right protected by international and EU law.
  • Video evidence and survivor testimonies suggest practices by the Greek Coast Guard that may breach international law, including an incident where migrants, including women and children, were put into a life raft and left adrift outside Greek waters.
  • One survivor alleges being shot at and thrown overboard by the Greek Coast Guard, resulting in the drowning of two companions.
  • The Greek Coast Guard strongly rejects all accusations of illegal activities, asserting that their operations are in full compliance with Greece’s international obligations and are carried out with professionalism and respect for human life and fundamental rights.

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